"A young actor/singer who shows a lot of promise..." 

- Jaymz Bee, (musician, producer, & radio personality) 

"A voice unlike any other I've heard." 

- Blair Packham, (songwriter, recording artist, & lead singer in the 80s power pop band, "The Jitters") 


Described as “sickly sweet”, singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb embodies moody electronic pop with a style similar to Lorde and Kate Bush. In 2018, Lamb released her debut single “A Day Off,” emphasizing her love for the strange and different.

Born in Toronto, Canada, beside rattling train tracks and noisy city parks, Jadyn Lamb grew up spirited and loud. Fascinated by music and writing as a child, she quickly fell in love with big stages and crowds. Every summer was spent in a packed bar in Leaside, watching her father play the guitar, and sing songs with his band.

As a young teen, she moved with her family to a sleepy town outside of the city. In this town, there was a great distance between homes, and no one walked around outside. In school, she weirded out her classmates, and was told to be quiet. This would be the beginning of her musical career.

Following the successful debut, Lamb came swinging with seven more songs, including her latest release “Liar”, which released in July 2020. With more collaborations and music on the way, it looks like it's going to be the year of Jadyn Lamb.




AS THE HUNGRY WOLVES gathered at her feet, there was a calling from the willows - a hurried hush for action.

She grabbed her dearest books, and stuffed her favourite teas in a bag thrown over her shoulder. With a sketchpad and her fairies, she left to climb the mountains.